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Major Paintball Master Mine Reusable Paint Mine

The MASTER MINE is a compact, reusable mine, powered by a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge. It sprays 6 ounces of liquid paint or water, and covers an area up to 600 square feet! The mine can be set up in a horizontal or vertical position and has an ultra sensitive trigger mechanism, allowing the use of a light trip cord that can be activated up to 25 feet from the mine or remotely detonated by the user. Combine these features with its startling sound blast and the reality of a mined or booby-trapped environment takes on a whole new perspective.

The MASTER MINE is an invaluable tool in the special training of military, law enforcement, and emergency personnel in many fields including Anti-Terrorism, IED, WMD, mine awareness and booby trap awareness training. Bomb threats are real! Action-plans are vital! Recognition and detection training could become the difference in your unit’s survival!


  • Reusable CO2 powered trip-wire mine
  • Requires Venom paint mix and 12g CO2 cartridges to operate (sold separately)
  • Large liquid spray coverage area
  • Ultra sensitive trigger
  • Easy tool free tear down & cleaning

Venom Paint and 12 gram Co2 cartridges sold separately!

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