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Warrior Paintball Ion/SP8 Magnetic Roller Bearing Trigger - Black


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The new Warrior Ion trigger is made by players, for players. This is one of the most comfortable triggers on the market and will get you those insane rates of fire. The trigger has 3 adjustment points: one for the front trigger stop, one for the back trigger stop, and one for the micro switch. This trigger is compatible with all Ion and SP8 markers. You can also adjust the amount of magnetic return by moving the frame height adjustment screw. All Warrior Paintball products come with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. The best thing about this is the price. No other trigger on the market is this low. Warrior accessories allow you to upgrade your ion without emptying your wallet!


  • Light Weight Aluminum Design
  • 3 Trigger Adjustment Points
  • Roller Bearing
  • Magnet Installed
  • Easy To Install
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits All Ion/SP8 Markers
  • Available in Black, Blue, Red, Silver, and Dust Black

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    by Anonymous on December 30, 2006

    this trigger was awesome. i haven't gotten to use it yet, but i've been fingerin' it at home, and it feels awesome. i love the feel and the shape & design. it doesn't wobble side-to-side either. it is also very cheap. this thing is less than 17 bucks, and it's an awesome trigger too. i just got my ion, and this is the perfect upgrade. if u want an awesome ion though, you should also get and afterstock board, preferably a virtue board. not only are they the best brand-name board maker, but they're stuff is awesom. great trigger, deserves as many stars as there are in da sky, but i can only put five.

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    by jerry on December 6, 2006

    Sweet trigger, no side-to-side play what so ever. Very walkable trigger, although it has 3-adjustable points on it and 1 completely useless. But other than that the trigger is completelt flawless, the anodizing was perfect *not that purple junk that other companies have. Punishers pb took about 3 days tops to get this trigger out to my house after they had received the payment, very professional *I really appreciate professional companies. This is my first time ordering from these guys and it has been great, very easy and flawless. You guys rock! I hope to do more business with you guys in the future!

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