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Virtue Crown 2.5 Z2 Prophecy Speed Feed - FDE


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The Crown2.5 fingers are lighter weight, thinner, injection molded fingers which provides several advantages over the earlier Crown2.0. First, thanks to the thinner construction, they feed much better, and resist sagging. Second, because the fingers are injection molded, they are a stronger material and do a better job of keeping paint in on most breakouts and dives.

The ten, consistently sized, Crown2.5 fingers offer full coverage of the speed feed opening hole, keeping dirt and other debris from entering the hopper, while holding paint inside on most breakouts and dives.

While the Virtue CrownSF will always remain the best performing speed feed in paintball, thanks to the polycarbonate spring fingers that feed lightening fast without losing a single ball, the Crown2.5 is a good trade off for many players seeking a cheaper alternative.

The Crown2.5 comes assembled on the Spire backshell with hinged lid for easy bag reloading and is backed by a 90 Day Warranty.

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