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VForce Pro-Vantage Thermal Paintball Goggles - Red


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"Son of Profiler" raises your game up to the next level

Unbeatable Performace
  • Ultra light 1-piece mask for ultimate mobility and speed.
  • Low profile for "hard-to-hit" game advantage.
  • ProGrille™ bounce area = bounces without jawbone slap.
  • ProGrille™ soft rubber Pro-Bounce visor.
Unbeatable Vision
  • VForce Thermo-Cured Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch - Never miss a shot!
  • Crystal Clear VForce optics - See everything!
Unbeatable Speed
  • Quick-Change™ Lens - Switch to tinted lens in seconds!
  • Quick-Change™ Strap - Close contact, high security.
Unbeatable Comfort
  • 24hr Comfort Foam... play all day, play all night
Unbeatable Safety
  • SafeLock™ - Goof-Proof lens strap retention system.
  • Safety Standard at the hightes level - ASTN, CE, PECC.

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by Anonymous on June 30, 2005

Greatest Mask ever...Crystal Clear...easy to take apart...ridiculously comfortable...what more could you ask for?!

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by Anonymous on July 12, 2005

great mask ,great visibility,and it looks like a profiler

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by Anonymous on August 6, 2008

wow what a great mask if you have a budget get it and if not i dont see why go spend 100$ on another mask that looks less cooler than this one its great

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by Anonymous on October 24, 2009

man this mask is just great ,i made a lens and it fit , but the point is this mask is perfect

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by Anonymous on September 26, 2009

what a great mask this is seriously

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by Anonymous on August 30, 2009

sickist mask ever and so comfortable its ridiculous

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