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Tippmann Straightline Custom 98 Barrel Kit - 16 Inch


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The Tippmann Straightline Custom 98 16 Inch Barrel Kit was designed to complement the look of Tippmann Custom 98 and Custom Pro paintball markers. It was created through a partnership with HammerHead paintball, a longtime leader in paintball barrel design, and offers unmatched quality and performance characteristics. The kit includes the 16 inch barrel, three sizers, a carrying case and lithium grease.


  • Fits All Tippmann Custom 98, Model 98 and Custom Pro Paintball Guns
  • Gun-Drilled Barrel Improves Accuracy Through Unmatched Consistency in Bore Size
  • True Spiral- Rifling Provides Scientifically-Proven Rotation for Accuracy and Control
  • Three Sizers (.688,.685,.683) with Patent-Pending Seamless Connection matches Ball Dimensions With Barrel Radius for Optimal Air Efficiency
  • Removable, Reverse-Ported, Counter-Bore Muzzle Break Improves Accuracy by Reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit
  • Deluxe Padded Case Provides Protection for Barrel and Sizers
  • Has a Matte Finish to Reduce Glare

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by Anonymous on October 14, 2016

I just got into the Paintball game (at 53) all thought I have fired live rounds I wanted to checkout how the "Marker" guns operated and if they could be used as an alternative to a lethal gun. Bottom line, yes as long as your opponent is not armed with a live fire gun, i.e. a knife, club, if your a decent shot, but thats about it. I do feel lucky though, Went to a place called American Paintball Coliseum and was prepared to be taken advantage of. Long story short I went with the Tippmann Custom 98 with this barrel kit. I wanted a longer barrel then what came stock (accuracy) and they had a few of these kits left so I got one and my "Marker is much more accurate. It's almost dead on at 150ft (I get the occasional screwball). Yes I could have spent less on a single barel with 1 ball size, but I'm hoping I did not get scammed,because I see that there in the flat line barrel that claims to put out to 250ft accurately. I have put quite a few rounds using many different calibers of guns (long & short) so picking this up was a breeze. It remains to be seen if the other "chokes (for want of a better word) that allow better fit of slightly different Ball size really does have a need,or are all the balls standard sized now. I gotta say, I'm having a blast with this "maker". I love to shoot and being able to do so safely in my backyard anytime I want is great.

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