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Tippmann Squad Buster Grenades - 10 pack


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The most popular grenade on the market today! Original Tippmann patented design. Non-explosive unit. Just pull the pin and throw. Offers a 30-foot plus marking zone (highly effective within 10-15 ft.) Filled with a light blue, non-toxic, water soluble paint fill.

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by Anonymous on May 16, 2007

only good for woods paintball, not many places allow it, and it you have to throw it on a hard service for it to go off

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by mike on April 7, 2008

fun to use not very practical though i mean unless ur in the woods and the guys just sitting still and oblivious to u pullin it out. pulling the pin and then throwing it towards him. but still very fun none the less

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by Anonymous on December 26, 2007

pretty good for throwing into a bunker but only really works well if you pull off the entire top cap before throwing, also dont even think about throwing it into an open area you wont mark anything that way.

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by Nic on March 13, 2008

I would rether recomend filling up a water balloon. the best way would be to pull the pin and take off the red cap first.

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by Anonymous on April 9, 2009

i think it works whell

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