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Tippmann A5 2011 Receiver Right Side - TA01101


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This is the newer style 'dust' finished black body half.

A-5 Receiver Half Update - October 2007.

Sometime before A-5 serial number 0373356, Tippmann updated TA01101 A-5 RIGHT receiver half with 2 rt ports, similar to the X7.  If you’re a-5 is after this serial number, you have the new style.  This update covers new parts with original part numbers.

If you are replacing the receiver on a previous version of the A-5, you'll be getting the new version listed above and the following are also required:

   * TA05021 Power Tube Plug
   * TA10053 Receiver O-ring
   * 02-21 Power Tube Version 3

A-5 with Response Trigger:  You can upgrade to use both exhaust outlet holes on the new half, if you purchase:

   * 2 x 20-07 Swivel Elbow Banjo 1/16'
   * 02-87 1/16'ID Hose (3' Long)

1/8 inch Fittings are also available:

   * TA05018 1/8 inch ID Hose 3-1/4 inch Long
   * 20-20 Swivel Elbow Banjo Fitting 1/8 inch
   * 02-103 RT Flow Control Valve 1/8 inch
   * and you'll still need a 1/16 inch banjo for the cyclone feed, 20-07 Swivel Elbow Banjo 1/16 inch

You can also just use the TA05021 listed above and not change anything else in the system.

The updated A-5's also includes 1/8 hose similar to the X7:

   * TA05018 1/8 inch ID Hose 3-1/4 inch Long
     20-20 Swivel Elbow Banjo Fitting 1/8 inch
     02-103 RT Flow Control Valve 1/8 inch

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