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Tiberius Arms T4 First Strike Paintball Gun - Black


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The Tiberius Arms T4 First Strike Paintball Gun is the first production paintball gun that is factory equipped to shoot the Tiberius Arms First Strike Sniper Rounds right out of the box. The T4 borrows its body from the less lethal line of paintball markers developed by Tiberius Arms for military and police used all over the world. The Tiberius T-4 comes in response to players who want a Factory Ready First Strike marker without the hassle of purchasing a T8 or T9 and the First Strike Conversion Kit.

The Tiberius T4 departs from the flagship T8 and T9 paintball marker line in that it does not use a grip-fed magazine to load the pistol. The Tiberius T4 uses a 14 round center-fed magazine system. The receiver is made from machined aluminum with top, side and bottom picatinny (weaver) compatible rails. This makes adding accessories for a custom, tactical look very easy. The rear stock is adjustable with an M16 style cocking lever directly above. The left side of the marker features a switch type safety that allows you to select between 'safe' and 'fire'. Tiberius includes two - 14 round magazines designed to work with either the First Strike Sniper Rounds or with standard .68 paintballs. Also included is a weaver-based bipod system that can be removed or adjusted along the bottom receiver rail. Adding to the sniper capabilities of the T4 is the included riser rail and 4x32 sniper scope. The Tiberius T4 is flexible with loading as well. You can load your marker via the included magazine kit or a standard hopper. Tiberius includes a hopper adapter to which any gravity fed or electronic hopper can be mounted (hopper not included). A padded carrying case is also included.

Airing-up is done one of two ways. You can air up via a remote line adapter that runs through one of the magazines. Running a remote line to the gun keeps the gun light and agile. The second option is to use the included 12 gram adapter in one of the magazines so you do not need an external tank. Magazines are inserted into the metal magwell. A button on the side of the magwell allows the magazine to be released and changed for a loaded clip in seconds.

The charging handle is functional. When the player pulls the charging handle back it rotates the barrel to the hopper feed, when you push the slide release button on the side it rotates the barrel back to the magazine feed port. This way you can run First Strike in the magazine and regular paintballs in the hopper to switch back and forth in a game.


  • Tiberius 4X32 Dual Illuminated scope
  • Monolithic Rail Platform
  • Low-Profile Bipod
  • Functional Charging handle
  • Genuine AR15/M4 collapsible stock
  • Shroud Rail guards
  • Two 14 round magazines
  • 12 gram adapter included in one magazine
  • Remote hose adapter built into one magazine
  • Hopper adapter
  • Padded carrying case
  • Realistic size to the real AR-15

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