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TechT IFit 9 Piece Paintball Barrel Boring Kit - A5 / X7 / BT


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Fits any Tippmann A5, X7, Phenom, or BT Paintball Gun.

The Tech T iFit barrel kit is a new barrel kit designed to work with any barrel you already own. Its a small adapter (2" long) which goes in-between your paintball gun, and your barrel. So no matter what barrel you own, J&J, Smart Parts, Dye, Proto, Sly, Tippmann or any other brand you can now turn it into a paintball boremaster sizing kit.

Why do I need this? Well as you know its important to get a good paintball to barrel fit. The better the paintball fits your barrel, the more consistent your velocity will be, the more efficient your paintball gun will be, and more importantly the more accurate your shot will be!

Professional paintball teams and players have been sizing their barrels to match their paint size for a number of years. By sizing your paint and obtaining a correct paint to barrel match a player will not only add accuracy but also efficiency. The biggest obstacle with bore sizing paint is that balls are being manufactured progressively smaller and the bore sizes DO NOT EXIST. Because of these issues, we present the new Techt iFIT Precision Barrel Boring Kit.

Its a little known fact that paintball manufacturers are making .68 cal paintballs consistently smaller these days, as small as .667 sometimes. Currently stock paintball barrels are usually around .691. What does that mean to you? Inconsistent shots!

Enter, the Tech T iFit Paintball barrel kit. The iFit has a insert for any type of paint AND it allows you to use your stock barrel, so your barrel still matches your gun! This is really unheard of in paintball.

Don't think a 2" control bore is enough? Well your wrong! Tech T has done extensive testing that proves traditional barrel kit backs 4-6" are less effective. After the first 2" of a control bore the paintball actually reduces speed due to an increase in friction. This mean you have to increase your velocity with any barrel back longer than 2" which means you get less shots per tank, and higher stresses on the paintball.

If you play paintball and you want all the advantages ou can get over your opponent then you need the Techt Paintball Barrel kit!

TechT's 9 Piece iFIT Barrel Insert Kit Includes:

  • Barrel Back of your Choice
  • Storage Case
  • 9 Inserts Including:
    • .692
    • .688
    • .685
    • .682
    • .679
    • .676
    • .673
    • .670
    • .667

You can Purchase other threaded backs for other paintball guns and use them with one boring kit. (Sold Separately)

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