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TechT Ego / Etek Hush Bolt


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The TechT Ego Hush Bolt was specifically designed to lessen the sound signature of the Ego and Etek pai

One of the hottest new products for the Planet Eclipse Ego Paintball guns. TechT has come up with the new Ego Hush Bolt. The new TechT Ego Hush bolt is machined from Ertalyte which is both lighter and stronger than delrin. The Hush Ego bolt is designed with a venturi front which disperses the air around the paintball more evenly. This causes better efficiency, better consistency and less noise. The Venturi face on the Ego Hush bolt will take away the loud popping sound of the Egos which is one of the biggest complaints of the stock bolt.

Once you install the TechT Ego Hush bolt in your paintball gun, you will notice a jump of 10 FPS on the chronograph. This is due to the positioning of the o rings on the bolt which utilize all possible air flow and deliver it directly to the ball. Overall, this is a great upgrade bolt over the stock planet eclipse bolts. The TechT Ego Hush bolt is compatible with the 05 Ego, 06 Ego, 07 Ego, 08 Ego, 09 Ego, Ego Ten, Etek Series paintball guns. For an Ego bolt retailing under $50

ntball gun line. While doing this, it also makes the gun more air efficient and easier on paint. Constructed out of ertalyte tx, this bolt is much stronger than your standard delrin bolt making it much less susceptible to wear.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Super Light Design
  • Radial Ramping Face
  • Rap Assisted Detent Groove
  • Full Lifetime Product Warranty from TechT

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by Anonymous on August 23, 2010

this bolt it realy nice it sounds super quiet it i hope they can make a more affordable bolt for people on a buget but still worth the money

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