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TechT Dangerous Power G3 L7 Bolt System


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The Techt Dangerous Power G3 Bolt System is a Great Upgrade that effects your accuracy, speed, and efficiency to a whole new level. The idea behind the Techt Dangerous Power Bolt System is to reduce the moving mass inside the marker to the bare minimum 10.1 Grams. Lightening the bolt means that the marker will naturally have less kick/recoil and take less pressure and time to move the bolt back and forth. This means your marker will produce less vibration and recoil with each shot. This in turn allows you to stay on target better ....hence shoot more of your opponents.

The Techt Dangerous Power bolt face is designed to perfectly cup each ball as its fired. This makes your marker more gentle on brittle paint. Our bolts are also known for having a quieter sound signature.

Like all of our bolts, this bolt is Hard-Anodized Aerospace grade aluminum machined to the tightest tolerances right here in the USA by veteran paintball player / master machinist.

The Techt Dangerous Power Bolt also comes with a Teflon Coating to provide the smoothest operation and allow for the lowest pressure and dwell settings. Basically....its the balls.

In our experience with the Dangerous Power Bolt, we have found that this makes quite a bit of difference in the overall performance of the gun.


  • Less Kick
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Strong Chrono Performance

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