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Tadao Dynasty Ion / Ion XE / EOS / SP8 / Epiphany Board


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The Tadao Dynasty Ion board is the ultimate aftermarket solution for your Smart Parts Ion, enabling it to reach the performance level expected out of top-end tournament markers. The circuit board is the most important part of any electronic paintball marker, and upgrading it can potentially change all the performance characteristics. Tadao's leading edge Musashi 7 software provides the user with the ultimate in adjustability and speed.


  • Every Tadao Dynasty Ion board comes standard with a full solenoid assembly, including high quality hoses, barbs, and seals, and is fully assembled and tested. Also included is a grip-panel setting reminder sticker, and threaded trigger microswitch washer for use with set-screw based triggers such as those made by New Designz. Additional sockets on each board support the use of external membrane pads and LEDs for relocating the power switch and status LED.
  • Includes 12 fire modes:
    • Uncapped semi-auto
    • Capped semi-auto
    • PSP auto-response
    • PSP 50% ramping
    • PSP 100% ramping
    • PSP burst
    • NXL full-automatic
    • Auto-response
    • 50% ramping
    • 100% ramping
    • 3 round burst
    • Full-automatic
  • More than 1 billion unique ways to adjust settings
  • Asynchronously monitors the trigger switch using an interrupt based scan at 2 million times per second for the quickest response time and fastest semi-automatic
  • New two-stage dwell settings allow the user to fine tune power useage for optimum consistency, battery life, and performance
  • Rate of fire adjustable from 14 to unlimited bps in 0.25 bps increments
  • Adjustable ABS programming eliminates first shot drop-off
  • AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter) algorithms help to prevent mechanical and switch bounce without missing real trigger pulls
  • Gangster setting allows 3 different options for every fire mode, giving 36 different "breakout" style modes
  • 7 color LED provides an easy to use programming mode, which allows changes to nearly any variable, including debounce, dwell, loader delay, anti-mechanical bounce, anti-bolt stick, fire mode, max rate of fire, eye mode, cycle percentage filter, Gangster breakout mode, ramp start activation, and more
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when the battery is disconnected
  • Power efficient software and hardware lengthen battery life
  • Automatic 15 minute idle power down saves batteries
  • One-touch startup enables the marker to fire almost instantly
  • Low battery indicator hardware and software shows battery level each time the marker is turned on
  • Additional connectors allow external placement of the power switch and status LED
  • 80 gram trigger microswitch
  • Fits Ion, Ion XE, EOS, Epiphany, SP8

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by Anonymous on February 8, 2009

great board with lots of customization options. according to the guys at the local pro shop you aren't supposed to have a qev and a firebolt in your ion at the same time, but one or the other. they said thats what they were taught in one of the classes they took and you aren't supposed to cuz they do the same thing, (but firebolt also makes it lighter) so they throw each other off and cause shot bounce. the tadao board has a debounce setting to get rid of debounce. if you have this board with a qev and a firebolt and ur set to un-capped semi like me, i set my dwell to 24 clicks and the debounce to about 25 clicks. works great.

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by Anonymous on June 12, 2008

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I just got this and all i can say is its great better than any board...It was hard to install but it was well worth it...

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by Anonymous on June 22, 2008

ok i wanted somthing new everyon had the same old board so when i found this i had to get it...tested it out it was so much better then the stock ion board its crazy.. when i play speedball with the guyes who hace ego's and stuff i set the board on auto response and its crazy fast...also got 360 qev and empire b2 hopper with no upgrades but now my ion shootes a good 25 balls a sec maybe and the hopper keeps up LOVE IT!!

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