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Smash Paintball Illumination Paintballs - 2000 RDS - Pink


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Smash Paintball Zombie Illumination Paintballs are designed for illuminating under black light or LED Lights. These paintballs contain a secret formula fill so that light passes through the paintball like a prism and it gives you the effect of a tracer round while shooting at your Zombies. Designed with a clear shell and thin fill so there is easy clean up and very little residue after they break on your target. Perfect for Zombie Safari Paintball Trailers or any application that uses black light or LED lights.

If you want to keep your actors happy then this is the paintball for you. These paintballs are Designed to shoot at a lower velocity so you have less impact force when they hit your Zombies.


  • Paintballs Illuminate under black lights or LED Lights (Blue LED's work best)
  • 2000 Rounds per box
  • Secret Formula fill with clear shell
  • Easy Clean Up leaving your props clean and your Zombies Happy.

We are the exclusive distributor of these paintballs. If you are buying in bulk please call in your order and we can save you a large sum of money on shipping. 412-766-1161

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