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Smart Parts Vibe Paintball Gun - Black


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New Select Fire Model with 3 Firing Modes: Full Auto, Semi-Auto, and 3-Round Burst

Low price, high performance. Entry level used to mean low performance, but once again Smart Parts changed the game. The Vibe brings the smooth, accurate, fast shooting performance of true low pressure electropneumatic operation to even first time players with its unbeatable entry level price. The new Vibe works flawlessly with CO2, Compressed air, or nitrogen so if you only have access to CO2 then this is a great gun for you. Check out the long list of features below.

Smart Parts Vibe Features:

  • Hammer free design means that even beginning players can now afford a marker with tournament level performance, durability, and simple maintenance.
  • Protection provided by the Vibe's all-new Max Flow R Vertical Regulator means that it is safe from the dangers of liquid CO2.
  • Weight (marker only): 1 lb. 11 oz.
  • Length (w/out barrel): 8.75 in.
  • Operating Pressure: 180psi
  • Gas Source: HPA or CO2
  • Anti-Chop System: Low force bolt
  • Trigger Pivot: Stainless steel pin
  • Ball Detent: Dual rubber style
  • 3 Firing Modes: Full Auto, Semi-Auto, and 3-Round Burst
  • Max Rate of fire: 15-17bps
  • Field legal mode lock
  • Runs on one 9 volt battery
  • Standard ASA included
  • One piece 10 inch barrel
  • Feedneck: Vertical clamping
  • Aluminum receiver/bolt
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon grip frame/body

WARRANTY Information: Smart Parts provides excellent customer support for their guns. Smart Parts DOES NOT accept any returns for refund. If you have any problem with your gun, even right out of the box you must work directly with their customer service at 1-800-992-2147. We will only accept Smart Parts guns that are brand new and unopened for return.

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on August 29, 2008

i just got it a couple of hours ago its the best gun i own by far and it shoots very very smoothly

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by Anonymous on June 6, 2008

Shot it, love it. Buying another one. If you have problems with it not shooting when you pull the trigger, make sure it's in Co2 mode and not HPA. That's assuming you're running Co2.

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by Anonymous on June 19, 2008

i think this guns great ive been playing for 10 years ive played with angels and dye guns but this beats allthe guns ive had. its cheap and never brakes. the only thing you should upgrade is the barrel

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by Anonymous on April 27, 2008

Same thing happened to me, Id start firing and it would seem to hicup during random trigger pulls. I took the vibe back to were i bought it and they swapped it for a new one after testing it for about an hour and trying to convince me it was just the battery lol. So i took brand new batteries and we tried several tanks on the gun C02 an air all attempts ended with the same problem. Anyway the new one they gave me works great took it too the field and gave it rigourous testing and it passed with flying colors the only modification i made to the vibe straight out of the box was using a remote line tomy tank not sure if that was the problem to begin with but it worked flawlessly

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by Anonymous on June 9, 2008

if your using a gravity fead hopper then you should use try using an electric hopper because when you use a gravety fead hopepr the feed neck gets filled up with asbout 7 balls as you said... and then it shoots every so often which could be because the balls are stayuiong in the back or front of the hopper. I advise using an electric hopper try a torque hopper. for the price its a great hopepr.;)

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by Anonymous on April 19, 2008

Yeah its an amazing gun but for its full potential you need its newest board upgrade (which smart parts gives you almost free)

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by Anonymous on January 7, 2008

sounds like a board problem or some of the wires are pinched. try resetting the board to its factory settings and strip the gun down to make sure the eye wires arent pinched, if none of this works then take it to the shop and have them look at it

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by Anonymous on April 16, 2012

used this gun at my local feild in speed ball the only problem i had was i would have to fill up on air right before the game cause the valve leaked very bad but other than that its a great gun

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by Anonymous on August 25, 2011

Great gun. Not as accurate as I would hope. Got to get pretty close to someone for the shell to break. Can't butterfly shot unless you get a speed upgrade for $100. But, for the price, it's a really good gun

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by Anonymous on July 20, 2011

this is a amazing gun. but still suggest hpa it fills faster. and you dont have to deal with the tank getting to cold and what not. and go with a electric hopper it stops you from chopping and not fire a ball when you fire.

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by Lewis on February 8, 2011

I have had my Vibe for over a year and it has never had a single issue. It shoots really smoothly and has no recoil at all. I love this marker. for the price, it beats anything else I have ever used. Buy this if you want an amazing paintball marker for the money.

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by Anonymous on February 9, 2010

my new vibe will fire if i shoot slow butwhen i am rockin the trigger it hicups whats my problem by the way im using co2

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by Anonymous on September 7, 2009

it is a god gun. i upgraded my barrel though with the freak kit, shoots smooth, accurate. good gun!!

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by Anonymous on April 14, 2009

i've been using a bob long for just about forever until i bought a vibe a couple months ago, and i love it. but right when i put my hpa tank on it i relized i had an air leak, i just put a couple drops of marker oil where the tank meets with the gun and it was fine. the only thing that i really dont care for is that is is a huge air-hog. after about 400 balls you have to refill on air, thats after i fixed the leak. the low pressure bolt is very nice. theres no pulling out the squeegie in the middle of a round. it shoots extremely smooth but if you dont have a good grip on it when you have it set to 3-round burst or full auto it will kick a bit. the accuracy is decent but its lacking a little on distance. a 14 or 16 inch barrel works perfectly. all in all its a great gun. good job smart parts

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by Anonymous on January 31, 2009

i just got the gunt tpday i amgoing to the field tomorrow to test it out i have a question tho why is it better to have electric hopper

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by Anonymous on January 7, 2009

Best gun you can get for $150 by far not one break the first day i went and i shot fully auto and 2500 balls

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by Anonymous on June 26, 2011

great gun got it played with pros and shot just as fast as them good for starters gravity hopper and co2 if you can buy right away.

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by Anonymous on December 24, 2007

I just got this gun for Christmas. I love it. It shoots really smooth. I have one problem though. I start to shoot and I usually just rock the trigger with 2 fingers. And when I do that Id say it shoots about seven times at the speed of my fingers. but then it will just quit. If I keep my fingers at a steady pace and it stops and I dont. It will hesitate and only shoot 1 ball every so often. it doesnt stay at the same pace. Does anyone know if its the velocity or a trigger adjustment? anything will help thanks

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