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Smart Parts Ion/SP-8 Fire Bolt


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Previously, faster bolt speeds meant increased wear on the bolt’s bumper o-ring, and an increase in recoil. That has all changed with the introduction of the Firebolt. Weighing in at a mere 0.6 ounces, the Firebolt offers an impressive 47 percent reduction in mass compared to the stock bolt.

With the addition of new internal air chambers, the Firebolt also increases the air storage space in the Ion’s fire chamber by 0.19 cubic inches, allowing for the operating pressure to be decreased by 15 psi while maintaining consistent velocity.

The Firebolt makes the Ion and SP-8 faster, lighter, and quieter--the kind of innovation you expect from people who play the game and believe that equipment counts.

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by David on April 23, 2006

This is a second review, but the 1 star reveiw is very wrong... The FireBolt is .5 grams lighter than the L6, so it uses even less air to fire... The FireBolt is a very good bolt, I just used mine again, it improves efficiency, sound, and even makes my gun more accurate, cheaper than the L6... Save the $15 for a bag or paint, the L6 is no better

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by Anonymous on June 3, 2006

i've used the orange bolt and the new designs bolt and the fire bolt blew them both out of the water. for forty bucks u cant go wrong with this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on May 23, 2006

Great bolt-Light as hell, quieter than a mute, can't feel the bolt cycle(no kick), and allows for more shots(doesn't really matter). Whats even better is that its cheaper than any other bolt and its ALUMINUM:^)

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by Anonymous on April 20, 2006

i got a chance to use this today and i am very pleased with this bolt. it's cheap and extremely light!!! when you shoot your gun, it's really quiet and you can barely even feel it. also, i run my gun at 12 dwell and i was going to lower it but didn't. i still got more shots from my tank that usual. so i'll probably lower it to maybe 10. i now get about 1100 shots from my 72ci 3000 tank. i reccommend this bolt!!!!!

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by Anonymous on April 25, 2006

I just received my Firebolt last night, and all I can say is I was in awe. It's incredibly light when comparing it to the stock bolt. And since theres less mass to be push the bolt that's where efficiency comes in. I got approximately 1309 (couldn't find any more paint) shots off a 68/45 with several ups.

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by Anonymous on August 29, 2009

I purchased this bolt for my sons' ION. Right now it's matched up with a Blackheart board, Dye Hyper 2 reg, 14" All American barrel, Virtue laser eyes, Halo V35, 70/4500 LP tank. After lubing it and installing this bolt, I loaded the hopper and the tank and fired it in the back yard. I went through about 3 pods of paint, and my conclusion is... This bolt is great. I can definitely hear the difference (quieter), operating PSI dropped about 17 lower for a 280 velocity, cycles a little faster, and my 70/4500 got more shots out of it. In my opinion, this should of been my first upgrade on the marker. Well worth the price.

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by Anonymous on April 9, 2009

definately better than the stock bolt or the orange bolt, but the L7 has it beat. i thought this was practically weightless until i got my L7. the difference between the two is like the difference between the difference between this bolt and the stock bolt. if you don't have the extra $10 for the L7, the firebolt is the way to go.

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by Anonymous on March 25, 2009

This bolt is AMAZING! It is SO light and is great, I lowered my dwell down to 12 on my Virtue Board, where it was at 30 with the stock bolt. makes the gun way quiet, and it has almost NO kick, not that ions have that much kick anyway but your ropes are alot closer together with this bolt. VERY AIR EFFICIENT. you can go game after game without airfills. 100% worth $40 maybe even more!

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by Dave on June 24, 2008

Excellent bolt, it's reputation is very justified. Makes your Ion shoot like a Shocker, especially with a QEV. Much quieter and much less kick.

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by Anonymous on January 18, 2008

Great bolt easy to install and extremy durable!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on August 12, 2007

i got this bolt when i got my gun which was a while ago..but still i love it i have QEV and this and it ripps around 20bps..wichs iss dammn good i recomend it to any.. no lie.

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by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

I bought this bolt a while back. Its not the lightest bolt, but its definatley the best for the money. The only problem I had was my first one was defective out of the box, but Smart Parts quickley replaced it. Also, its the only bolt that wont void the warrenty on your Ion/SP-8.

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by Anonymous on February 25, 2007

match this bad boy up with a virtue board and some sort of qev and u'll be rocking fools...easily over 20bps from my ion..i'd say close to 25-27...its sick

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by Anonymous on January 30, 2007

when i first go this bolt, the thing that i realized at first was how lite it was, almost half the wait of the stock bolt. this bolt reduces the kick so much that i cant even feel it, it's also very air efficiant and allows you to rip faster i definatly recomend this bolt!!! oh and (FYI) spending more money doesn't mean its better, get this bolt.

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by Anonymous on August 15, 2006

this bolt is so much better than the lucky bolt i used i snapped three luckys in half when i was ramping twenty now i can easily ramp 25 not snap my bolt and get better efficency

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by David on April 18, 2006

5 Stars from me, double thumbs up, by far the best Ion bolt for the price... And it's Better than the Orange Bolt and the Lucky Bolt, it's basically a red TechT L6, that doesn't void your warranty and I think it's even better than the L6, and for $15 less

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by Anonymous on April 18, 2006

i use an orange bolt then i bought this one, no improvements in performance except kick was decreased slightly, effiency was poor

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by Anonymous on April 20, 2006

This bolt is not as good as the L6. This really is a rip off of TechT's Original Lightening Bolt, which TechT no longer produces. The L6 is TechTs newest version of the bolt which has much bettery air flow and efficiencey than the Fire Bolt, or any other bolt for that matter. After using both the fire bolt and the L6, Id go with the L6. It might cost alittle more, but its a much nicer part. You get what you pay for.

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