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Smart Parts Freak Jr Kit


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Smart Parts designed the Freak Jr. kit to give the average paintball player a chance to use the high quality equipment only the pros use at a price we can all afford!

The Freak Jr is the little brother of the standard freak kit. The Freak Jr. Kit Comes with 14' Freak Jr. front, Freak Jr. back and three aluminuminserts. [.689/ .691/ .693].

This kit is also interchangeable with all of the standard freak parts in case you want to add on fronts, backs, or inserts in the future.

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by Anonymous on March 24, 2012

Freaks are one of if not the best barrel system out there I've been running one for 9 years now and it never let me down

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by Anonymous on April 2, 2008

great buy for ions wayy better then stock with my stock barrel i would get shots goin randomly left or right but with this barrel kit i shoot stright as an arrow not one ball moves at all a must buy for ion owners if not the jr kit the full freak

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