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Shocktech Ion Superfly Bolt - Red


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Strong, Light Weight, Gas Efficient, All in a package that Delivers Consistent Performance over the Chronograph.

All aftermarket Ion bolts weigh less than stock. The ShockTech is no exception. Turned from a single piece of 6061 Aluminum (The Good Stuff), No Glue, No Press Fit, ONE SOLID PIECE. Carved out air chamber to allow for the increase of air storage in the Ion fire chamber, giving your gun the ability to run on a lower operating pressure with no "Shoot Down". Dual O-Rings on the bolt tail allows the firing chamber to be sealed off as the gun fires, thereby increasing efficiency.

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by Anonymous on July 10, 2006

this is the best bolt ever. its so light and has much better effiency than all the other bolts. its expensive, but its worth it. u cant go rong with this bolt

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by Anonymous on July 10, 2006

the best bolt ever......................... better than the lightning and fire bolt. its surpasses the orange.

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by blake on December 29, 2007

great! easy to put on!

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by Terri on October 11, 2006

WOW! This bolt is amazing. Extremely accurate. I shot my friend in the ass from 50 yards away. DEAD ON ACCURATE!

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by Anonymous on September 19, 2006

this bolt is off the hook it is a great light wheight bolt and increases rate of fire. it blows the fire bolt out of you but

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by Anonymous on July 25, 2006

I bought this thinking it would be in the same weight (18g to 13g) as the orange or L6 and it weighed in at 25g! Quiet the difference! for the same price you could get a much lighter bolt. Wish I woulda went with the firebolt or one of the others I listed.

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