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Sear - Push Spring Style [Alpha Black Basic] 02-35

SKU 02-35-Alpha-Black-Basic-Sear-Push-Spring-Style

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This is a genuine Tippmann part.  Direct from the company than made your gun.  Beware of Chinese knockoffs.  They're also not manufactured to the same exacting measurement and material specifications that Tippmann has which may cause premature wear or malfunction.

A worn sear or rear bolt will make the gun 'rapid fire' like a machine gun, but too fast to work properly. The gun may not stay cocked either. These are both caused by the rear bolt slipping off of the sear that is supposed to catch it and keep it back in the cocked position.

If either your sear or rear bolt is worn, Tippmann suggests replacing both at the same time. A worn sear will wear down a rear bolt faster than norma and vice versa. Replacing only 1 of them may result in having to replace the same part again a lot sooner.

02-35 is for NON E-Grip Tippmanns.

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