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Reball Reuseable Target Balls - 500 Rounds


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Don’t be fooled by imitation brands, these are the authentic Reballs. Bottom line is you get what you pay for and Reballs are the highest quality, longest lasting, and best performing training paintball on the market. There are a lot of imitators but if its quality and performance you are after then don’t be fooled into a knock off brand that does not perform or last nearly as long as the Reball!

FYM technology has been introduced in the manufacturing process of Reballs. This new technology allows the balls to last longer saving you even more money than before. The new 2010 Reballs GLOW yellow under black light. Reballs having the reputation for being the BEST syntehtic ball ever made just got better. Also be sure to keep an eye out for our completely redesigned box.

Reball™ was developed in Europe as an alternative to paint. We set out to create a ball that you could fire again and again; increasing your ability to practice and decreasing the amount of money you spend doing so. We think that the focus should be your dedication to the sport and how much of your time and yourself you are willing to devote to becoming a better player - not how much money you have.

Money, however, does play a role. So while we're on the subject, let's take a look at just how much can be saved by training with Reball™. If you spend less money on your practices as a player, you have more left over for the top gear. And that is how you play smarter.

Reballs™ are reusable rubber balls that can be used over and over again. Just wash them off with normal water and you're set. Reball™ makes it possible for you to play paintball 24/7. Reballs™ make it possible for your team to compete and practice as much as any big pro team in the world. The only limit is your motivation.

Teams all over the US are buying boxes of these and practicing their snap shooting, shooting off the break, walking and shooting, target practicing and more without the expense of paint and without the hassles of clean up! These are also excellent for techs that work on a lot of 'guns. Now you can check 'guns before major tournaments WITHOUT dumping hundreds of dollars worth of paint. Your investment in paint is returned to you in only 7 times of using ReBalls! If you play frequently, you HAVE to own some of these.

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