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Pure Energy Fixed High Pressure N2 Tank - 48ci 3000psi


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These tanks have a 5 year hydro test date

The 48 is Pure Energy's entry level air-system. This sytem combines a compact bottle and the top of the line Pure Energy Reactor regulator.

The Pure Energy Reactor regulator has a preset output pressure set between 800-900 PSI. This air-system works great with any marker on the market from Piranhas to Angels.

With Pure Energy Reactor regulators now being re-buildable this system is the user-friendliest screw-in air-system in paintball. On most markers you can expect to get 400-600 shots from a full fill. With the CFT piston and streamlined setup this air system is both extremely consistent over the chronograph and has very little drop off as you shoot the fass out of the tank (life of the fill). These are attributes sometimes found in much more expensive air-systems packaged into a smaller, easier ro use screw-in system.


  • #1 Selling N2 tank on the market
  • Consistent Flow Technology piston
  • Mil-spec Belleville springs
  • Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
  • Mechanical gauge
  • Nickel plated brass bonnet
  • Certified fill nipple and dual locking set screws
  • Preset at 850 psi
  • Approximately 500 shots per fill varies from gun to gun
  • 5 year hydro test date

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by Keith on May 6, 2008

Nice tank if you're short on money. It's heavy, but that's to be expected.

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by Anonymous on July 6, 2007

great tank to start off with on a gun that needs nitro if you are under a budget like i was no complaints. just a tank works plain and simple

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