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Pinokio 250 / 400 Paintball Loade(DISCONTINUED)r - Black


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From concept to creation, the Pinokio Hopper is revolutionizing the industry and playing field alike. It is the world’s only 250-round electronic hopper that is actually a two-in-one hopper, fully maximizing lane shooting with a volumizer round attachment that makes it a 400-round hopper.

The Pinokio's feed rate surpasses the 30+ balls per second benchmark, and is one of the lightest hoppers on the market, weighing in at just under 15.3 oz per unit and just over 1 lb with the volumizer attachement installed.

The Pinokio comes packaged with two fronts, one for speed ball, and the other with the volumizer attachment for scenario/woodsball. However, as more and more tournament back players see its capability for locking down lanes, they too are choosing to use the larger capacity.

The Pinokio's 30+ BPS rate of fire is battery-friendly. The Pinokio has been extensively tested for battery consumption and has the ability to rip through 37 plus cases of paint on just two 9-volt batteries.


  • 30+ balls per second
  • 250 and 400 Round capacity
  • Uses 2 9-Volt Batteries (Not INcluded)
  • 2 attachments included:PL250 for Speedball and PL400 for woodsball/Scenerio
  • Available in a variety of colors

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by Anonymous on November 4, 2008

Best hopper ever used.. holds almost two pods so you dont have to grab a pod so fast in a game.. much better than my VL Jr. and B2...

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