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Ninja Paintball PRO 68ci/4500psi Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank - Black


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Ninja Paintball PRO 68ci/4500psi Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank – Black

ninja has quickly become the #1 selling paintball tank in America. Being light on your feet during an intense battle is just as important as having a good team to back you up. The goal at Ninja with their carbon fiber tanks was to make it as light as possible while using the best possible parts. The Ninja Pro line of carbon fiber tanks are extremely light when compared to their aluminum counter parts, and with a ninja regulator, you know you will be getting the best in the industry. This tank features the new PRO Series regulator, the PRO is the first of Ninja's regulators to include Twist Technology, a new feature that allows users to "twist" their regulator to relocate the fill nipple and gauge to wherever you want it.



  • Carbon Fiber Tank
  • Ninja Pro Regulator
  • Made in USA
  • Twist Technology (360 Degree Adjustability) - Twist technology allows you to simply and quickly align the fill nipple and gauge to the position of your choice, without disassembling your regulator
  • 2nd Generation SRT (Sonic Recharge Technology) Piston provides rapid recharge rates that virtually eliminate regulator shoot down
  • New micro fill nipple with a lower profile design
  • 4-way pressure adjustment. You can achieve 800psi, 700psi, 550psi, or 450psi which gives you a full range of pressure adjustments to work with any marker
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