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Ninja Paintball Dual Straight Remote Line with Slide Check


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No you can have 2 paintball pistols on one remote line or 2 paintball guns! The Ninja Dual Remote has been introduced and it’s a Dual straight remote for all those players who want to rock 2 pistols but know that managing 2 pistols and 12 grams is almost impossible. This all new remote gives two of Ninja's famed slide checks and straight hose so you won't snag on bunkers or brush. Not just for pistols, this setup can be used with whatever marker/pistol/launcher combination you can think of.


  • (2) aluminum slide checks
  • Will work with any paintball HPA or CO2 tank
  • All black tactical look
  • Extremely flexible
  • Designed by paintball players
  • Aluminum NINJA slide check
  • Fully assembled and ready to go
  • 3000 psi working pressure coiled hose
  • Will work with any paintball Air system or CO2 bottle

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