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New Designz Tippmann Cyclone Ultimate Combo - Black


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Perfecting the art of performance and speed... With markers cycling faster due to electronics and other upgrades, we decided to improve some other items as well. Our new EVT Extreme Vent Technology housing is one of them.


  • Cyclone Hot Rod has installed brass bearing reduces friction, improves performance; will not break, and will not flex like the stock cylinder piston
  • F6 Mod. is 100% hardcoat and teflon treated for added durability; does not need a hammer (includes custom threaded pins); increases rate of fire and allows operation at a lower pressure; no spring cutting - designed into ratchet, reducing side load on the axle
  • Combo includes EVT piston housing, F6 Mod., and Hot Rod
  • Will work on A5, X7, 98

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