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New Designz Spyder Clamping Low Rise Feedneck - Black


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Get a grip!!! New Designz new Spyder aluminium clamping feednecks are big time. Get rid of that weak plastic adapter which can break causing damage to your expensive hopper if it falls.
  • Less than 26 grams, and less than 1.5 inches high installed
  • Fully adjustable top collar. Easily adjusts from Revi to Halo and everything in between.
  • 4 equally spaced out O-rings provide lots of added support for the hopper. This provides an awesome fit and eliminates any side to side wobble
  • Includes hardware, 4 O-rings for more extra positive holding force
You can use these on the following guns:
32* Icon BL, LED, E, Z
Spyer Aggressor & Aggressor XT
Spyder AMG, Classic
Spyder E-99, Avant
Spyder Electra Deluxe, Basic, DX
Spyder Esprit
Spyder Imagine Select
Spyder Victor & Victor II

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