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NXe 09 Elevation Dynasty Tank Cover Blue - Large


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The NXe 09 Elevation Aftermath Red Tank Cover was designed in a way to allow for a range of universality not found in any other tank cover on the market. Two sizes (small & large) will fit most tanks being used today.

* Fits 48ci, 68ci and 70ci tanks. Does not fit 70ci Stubby/Peanut Tanks.


  • 4-Piece Soft-Rubber Friction Enhanced Grip Pad Maximizes Comfort and Tank Stability During Play
  • Impact Absorbing, Contoured Rubber Side Rails and Center Skid Pad Provides Maximum Overall Protection of Your Tank During Those Head First Dives
  • Semi-Hard EVA Rubber Molded Butt Cap with Nylon Overlay Ensures a Firm, Yet Soft Fit
  • Newly Designed Velcro Closure Strap Ensures a Tight Fit Around the Neck of the Tank
  • Internally Mounted Anti-Slip Grip System Prevents Your Tank From Moving and Sliding While Inside Tank Cover
  • Specially Selected Elevation Nylon Guarantees Maximum Durability and Ultimate Style

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