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JT IVT CO2 Tank with Fill Indicator(DISCONTINUED) - 20oz.


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Finally a CO2 tank that tells you how much air you have left in your tank. No more stores filling up your tank half way or going on the field with just a half of tank and running out during a game.. The new IVT technology tells you exactly how much air is in your tank. JT Sports revolutionizes the CO2 tank with the JT IVT CO2 Paintball Tank. IVT stands for Integrated Valve Technology, a step forward in CO2 valve safety. The valve and the tank threads are now two separate components. In case of an accidental separation the valve remains affixed in the bottle, preventing the tank from becoming a projectile. Wondering how much CO2 is left in your bottle is now a thing of the past with the JT IVT CO2 Tank. An internal floating ball and an external Fill Level Indicator Strip combine to reveal how much CO2 is truly left inside your bottle. Simply hold the tank vertically, swirl vigorously for a few seconds and a dark line will appear on the side of the bottle, letting you know your CO2 level quickly and easily. No more incorrect guessing! Know how much CO2 you have left before banzai charging the fort. Incredibly useful for a field operator's rental fleet to conserve CO2 and keep player's cycling on the field. This is the Mother of ALL CO2 Bottles!


  • Integrated Valve Technology - prevents danger of becoming a projectile in case of valve separation.
  • 3K burst disk relocated to avoid ASA interference.
  • CO2 Fill Level Indicator System - a floating ball and indicator strip combine to reveal your bottle's CO2 level.
  • Player Grapic on Tank
  • Available in a variety of sizes

How To Use The Indicator System:

  • 1. Hold the bottle or marker in an upright postion. You do not need to remove the bottle from the marker.
  • 2. Vigorously swirl the bottle in a level circular motion for 5 seconds.
  • 3. Stop and hold the bottle upright.
  • 4. Spinning internal ball will show your CO2 level on strip.

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