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Hybrid Arm Coach Cheater Sheet


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Looking for an edge on the other team? Look like your favorite Pro Bowler now with your own hot sheet of plays tatooed right on your arm. Now there is now excuse for not remembering D1, X5, Z7, Quadrant B9, actually means run up the gut like Gary Shows and take as many Bastards with you as you can. The Hybrid Cheater Sheet can help you remember those plays you have been working on in practice. Use it for whatever you like. A play list, Team codes, or your girfriends picture.

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by Anonymous on April 19, 2007

these ar ethe best idea for woodsball games wher the field is 200 acres! ty i have been looking for these!

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by Anonymous on March 6, 2007

These arent very practical to be used during a game. It takes to much time to look down and read. These are better for coaches than players. Make sure you get them bigger than what you will need since they have to go over an arm pad and a jersey.

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