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Hater Marmalade Lube


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A lubricant specifically designed for inline regulators and spool valve guns without a LPR(example:Shocker). MARMALADE is 100% synthetic and is not meant to compete with and/or replace Hater Sauce. MARMALADE will never harden or soften and is truly a "apply and forget" lubricant.

HATER Marmalade is much thicker than Hater Sauce. Marmalade is helpful for those who need a stable, all purpose paintball lubricant.

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by Mike on November 7, 2012

Great lube. its a bit thick but thats what it is for. I use a light coat for my HPR and LPR internals (i have a DM9), thinking about using it on my solenoid gaskets since this stuff never dries out. A bit thick to use on a spool valve bolt but many players have done so with very very light coats with great success. Overall, great buy and really is a "apply and forget" lube

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