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GoG Paintball Stainless Steel Freak Insert - .675


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GoG Paintball Stainless Steel inserts are much more durable than the aluminum inserts so that they keep their shape perfectly over long periods of use. These are Individual stainless steel Freak inserts, for those who only want a certain size insert. Pick the size that matches what size paint you use most often.

Will the paintballs fit?
Never ask that question again with the Freak. Instead, ask which insert you should use. Paint varies in size, so Smart Parts made a system that works with any size paintball.

What size do you need?
  • Small Paintball: Try the .675 stainless steel insert
  • Medium Paintball: Try the .689 stainless steel insert
  • Large Paintball or paint left in the sun all day: Try the .695 stainless steel insert

Freak stainless steel inserts are subjected to the same rigorous honing and hardcoat anodizing as all Smart Parts barrels. They are held to strict tolerances to make sure your .675 is just that, not smaller or larger.

Stainless steel inserts are stronger and hone to a slightly smoother finish, giving you one more option in the Freak line.

GoG Paintball Freak Inserts work in all Smart Parts Freak Barrels, Empire Super Freak Barrels and Deadlywind Fibur Barrels.

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