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Extreme Rage ER3 Paintball Gun MEGA Set(DISCONTINUED)


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For a Limited Time Buy this Extreme Rage ER3 Paintball Gun MEGA Set and get 100 Paintball Rounds for FREE. Hurry while supplies last!

Here for a limited time only at an unheard of price.

This packages includes:

  • Extreme Rage ER3 Paintball Gun
  • Single Lens paintball mask
  • 200 round Hopper
  • 20oz Co2 Tank
  • 6+1 Paintball Harness
  • Folding Swab
  • Pull through squeegee
  • 6 140 round paintball pods
  • Fog Off goggle lens cleaner
  • Paintball Gun Oil

The Extreme Rage ER3 paintball gun is a semi automatic marker with capabilities of shooting 12+ balls per second. The Extreme Rage ER3 works perfectly with either CO2 or N2 (HPA).

The vertical feed neck and vertical feed body make the Extreme Rage ER3 paintball gun able to feed paintballs at a high rate. The flush cocking bolt system helps to keep the internal workings of the gun enclosed as well as allows the gun to operate with no external moving parts. Not only does the Extreme Rage ER3 come with all of the above upgrades but it has adjustable velocity and is capable of being field stripped without the use of any tools.


  • Electronic semi auto action
  • Aluminum body
  • Composite gripframe and double trigger
  • Metal clamping feedneck
  • Soft molded foregrip
  • Steel braid air line
  • Flush cocking design no external moving parts
  • Sear release latch
  • Compatible with CO2 or Compressed Air (HPA)
  • Tool less field strip design

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