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Exalt Luxe Regulator Grip - Lime


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The new Exalt Luxe Regulator Grip is one of the top selling upgrades for the Luxe Paintball Gun. The Fluxed regulator grip with its rubber material adds stability while you run and shoot. These regulator grips fit all versions of the Luxe paintball marker.


  • Fits all Versions of the DLX Luxe Paintball Gun
  • Replaces your stock Luxe regulator cover
  • Matches the surface finish and grooves of the trigger frame grip
  • Better grip resulting in better accuracy
  • Designed to provide grip even when wet, muddy or oily from paint
  • Unidirectional design provides orientation recognition when switching hands
  • Premium material will not stain and does not damage, mark or leave any residue on the regulator
  • Multiple colors available to best match your marker

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