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Empire 2012 TW Grind Paintball Chest Protector


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As rates of fire have gone up and the fields have gotten smaller, paintball has become a contact sport! Players dive, slide, crawl and smash each other with markers firing up to 300 feet per second, making protection a must! Protect your vital areas while remaining cool with the Empire Grind TW Chest Protector! A fully-padded paintball undershirt, the Grind TW Chest Protector features plenty of chest, shoulder and upper arm padding to take the sting out of those close-up shots, yet wicks moisture away from your core to keep you cool and comfortable under your jersey!


  • Lightweight padding protects without slowing you down
  • Moisture wicking material cools the wearer under an Empire jersey
  • Great for hardcore players and ideal for referees!

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