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Dye Titanium Boomstick Paintball Barrel Back- .688 Dust Silver


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The creation of the DYE Titanium Boomstick® has set a precedence in paintball that has yet to be surpassed. Born in the shadow of the Boomstick® and bred of a new type of thinking towards paintball, the TI-Boomstick® is the only barrel in the world to utilize one of the most expensive and high-tech materials available to man - Titanium. Initially used in aerospace and military applications, titanium found its way to the mainstream and started being applied as after-market parts for expensive toys. Titanium is world renowned for its exceptional strength and extreme light weight. Titanium has the weight of aluminum, yet strength exceeding that of stainless steel. The only obstacle in working with this material is the difficulty involved in machining and honing. We have overcome this obstacle to make the truest and longest lasting barrel available.

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