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Dye Attack Pack Pro Paintball Harness - DyeCam w/Free Gift


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  • 55 MPH Velcro - Velcro so strong it will hold up in 55mph winds, or 55mph worth of pressure tugging on it when you dive or slide. It all makes sense now. We've added a compression form design to the ends, just to make it look better.
  • Compression Formed Velcro Lock - This is the last stage of the velcro system. This goes on top, because it's on the top we wanted it to look cool. So we added a logo and some neat compression.
  • Quick Release Handles - Compression formed pod straps are lighter. We actually made them curved as well so they match the actual curve of the pod. This gives the strap a tighter fit to the pod, meaning a lower profile. On the other end, way up inside the pack, is ballistic stretch nylon. This stuff pulls the unused straps back into the pack, eliminating the dangling strap effect.
  • Direct Inject Neoprene Compression - This is the area that stretches around pods 4-11. It conforms to the pods. Giving you the tightest fit, from 4 pods to 11 pods. Direct inject is also featured to make it look good. As we discussed before, style is key.
  • Direct Inject Logos - Another touch of the DYE's style to help keep you classy.
  • Cupped Ejector Pod Loops - The cupped shape keeps the elastic centered on the pods. A centered pod ejects smoother. It's all part of the development process to bring you the best performance possible.
  • Venting - We've already established the more venting the better. Not only does the venting help circulate air around your pods, it also allows the air against your back to circulate as well.
  • Woven Vented-Fiber Memory Elastic - The new vented-fiber memory elastic offers the most comfortable fit with air circulation available. It also retains its original shape longer. That's why it's called "memory" elastic.
  • Compression Formed Vented Side Panels - The compression sides give the harness it's shape. This area flexes around the group of pods and helps keep them tightly in the center of your back. Without the vented side panels, you would have hot, floppy pods strapped to your back.
  • Double Layer Vented Outer Belt - The double layer of vented-fiber memory elastic gives you a secure fit. From 1 pod to 11 pods, you'll have a snug fit every time.

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