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Custom Products Advantage Micro Fiber Barrel Swab Squeegee


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Custom Products Micro Fiber Barrel Swab/Squeegee is very durable and uses a unique micro fiber to pick up all of the broken paint in your barrel. This CP barrel swab, is inexpensive and works on all paintball guns and all paintball barrels. The CP squeegee runs right through the barrel and absorbs all of the broken paint so you can quickly continue through your game without taking off the barrel.

Once the game is over, CP recommends you unscrew your barrel and run your squeegee through the entire barrel. This will ensure you have a shiny, clean and smooth barrel for the start of the next game.

This Custom Products Squeegee is also great for removing the bolt on your paintball gun and cleaning out your breech. The breech is where the bolt on most guns is located and is just the right size for the CP micro fiber squeegee. The CP Swab will fit right in and remove old grease or old paint residue.

The CP micro fiber swab is a must have for any serious paintball player.


  • CP Micro Fiber Barrel Swab/Squeegee - Easy To use.
  • Folds In half to store in your pocket
  • Throw it in your pocket to clean
  • Durable and well constructed

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by Mike on March 21, 2013

Love this barrel swab! These microfiber swabs are my go to swabs. The only downside to them, is that they are so good at cleaning up paint/dirt that if my pant's swab pockets are not deep enough, the microfiber will pick up dirt and such when i slide and its a pain to try to get out. But cant complain, the swab is doing its job, and doing it very well. Never play without one

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by Mike on November 7, 2012

This is my favorite barrel swab. Microfiber cloth works amazing! so far the life of the my swab has lasted 6 months of heavy/moderate use and still works great

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by Michael on June 13, 2011

Very good swab, microfibers absorbed paint great! And doesn't have a sticky residue on the swag after use.

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