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Crossfire Valken Custom Edition Tank 68/4500 HP(DISCONTINUED) - Black- Coat of Arms


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Valken Sports has part partnered with Crossfire to bring you the "Medieval Series" Tanks. Custom Valken graphics and colors adorn each tank. Valken's Coat of Arms and the Four Horsemen are represented in this series.

  • Black - Coat of Arms
  • Blue - Death
  • Green - Famine
  • Yellow - Pestilence
  • Red - War


  • REBUILDABLE (only three parts)

  • Shorter (a full ¾ inch shorter)

  • Lighter (over 2.4 ounces lighter)

  • Reliable (tested at some of the busiest fields with ZERO repair needs)

  • Mini gauge

  • Flats (not round) on both the regulator body and bonnet for easy non-damaging service and hydro

  • Two set screws for added safety and security.

  • Dual burst discs

  • Overall Length – 10.2" (Length while screwed into ASA – 9.6")

  • Overall Weight – 2lbs 5.6oz.

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