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Critical Paintball V3 True Ejection Stealth Pack- Black


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The Critical V3 Stealth System are now in stock and ready to ship!

The new V3 Stealth Pack from Critical Paintball is a complete departure from the run of the mill standard pod pack. The Stealth Pack's unique stirrup retention system (with True Ejection) is radically different than the standard Velcro strap design employed by most other packs. The Stealth Pack allows for much faster pod removal, and a reduced player profile while removing pods, all without the noise of Velcro. These features are incorporated into a comfortable non-slip adjustable belt with Aero Mesh padding to increase breathability and comfort. The Stealth Pack also features an exclusive pod ramp to prevent the pack from sliding down your back and the pods from snagging on your pants while you remove the pods. All of these unique and exclusive features add up to the most exceptional pack on the market.

Critical Paintball V3 True Ejection Stealth Pack Features:

- Reduced player profile when removing pods
- Super fast pod removal
- The first pack with true ejection
- Nearly silent pod removal (Unlike Velcro)
- Pod ramp prevents pods from catching on pants
- Padded aero-mesh backing with added non slip contact surfaces for extreme comfort
- Non slip adjustable belt (One size fits all)
- Available in 3+4 or 4+5 or 5+6

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