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CP ION Trigger - Dust Red


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ION TriggerThis will help increase the rate of fire on your new ION.

  • Full ball bearing pivot point.
  • Smooth switch contact point.
  • Adjustable magnet return.

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by Anonymous on July 17, 2007

i was very nervous about installing. but this thing rips and very easy to install awesome trigger!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on October 3, 2007

it looks hard to install but its really not, and once you get it to the right adjustments...ITS AMAZING

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by Anonymous on June 6, 2006

this trig rips. wicked easy to install and its a huge improvement from the stock trigger. Great trigger.

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by Anonymous on December 30, 2005

i love this trigger. if you are upgrading your trigger from the stock one, i recommend thid trigger. i went from 13 balls per second to 16 bps. it is so smooth when you walk the trigger.

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by Anonymous on July 27, 2005

I give this trigger a 5 out of 5 stars because it is the ultimate trigger. it is fully adjustable to fit any players need and wants, say for example you want a really snappy trigger , you can make it with this trigger, or playful, or bouncy you name it and you can adjust it to that.

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