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BunkerKings Supreme Pack V3 - Sherwood Camo 5-Pack


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Bunker Kings is back with their most famous pack, the Supreme Pack V3, now available with 5+6 pod sleeves! Their exclusive design allows for any size or type of pod to be put in without having to adjust the tension of each individual sleeve, like some other strapless designs. This new sleeve design has an elastic property that expands and contracts to fit any size pod, so you can fill up and run on the field in the middle of a tournament without having to worry about losing pods or paint! Call us today for more information, or if you need help in deciding what to choose!

The Sherwood Camo color is the perfect solution for woodsball players who want to blend in, but still want the functionality of the latest and best tournament packs!


  • Precision made loops
  • Don't lose any pods
  • 100% strap free loading and unloading system
  • Patent pending pod holding technology
  • Holds your pods even when dirty
  • Perforated foam
  • Padded mesh
  • Optimal ventilation, comfort and weight
  • Friction huggers; extra friction that grabs on to the front of your waist as you apply the pack
  • Lightweight extra tension bands with dual low profile tpr?s for easy tightening
  • Fuzz free long lasting velcro; No more wool looking velcro
  • Belly comfort system - extra neoprene layer to avoid annoying waist band cutting in
  • 270 degree elasticity - superior comfort, ergonomic and fit
  • Back bonders - ergonomically correct placed friction increasers

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