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Boss Bolt - Empire Axe w/ Spring Kit V2 Version


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Will fit: Dfender, Axe 2.0, Axe, Axe Pro, Mini, Mini GS 

V2 Version 

Weighs less then half the stock bolt
Reduced kick
Quieter sound signature
Soft tip for reduced ball breaks
Recommended starting settings
Dwell 4 Milliseconds (20 blinks on the stock board)
Yellow Spring
160 PSI
Velocity adjuster 2 turns out
Unlike other companies that produced Mini bolts, we will not make any wild claims about efficiency. Some people will tune their setup and get better efficiency. What I will promise is that we have made a bolt with very accurate tolerances. So you won't buy a bolt that does not work and causes you nothing but headaches.

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by Anonymous on June 28, 2012

BOSS BOLT V2 makes a big difference, is a great upgrade, i use in my EMPIRE AXE in woodsball game, and, the low noise is fantastic, specially in night games. jose cilurzo

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