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Bob Long Valken G6R Paintball Gun - Dust Lime / Silver


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The G6R is by far the most advanced Intimidator yet. Included with your G6R is the tried and true 360 Inline Regulator featuring our all new Lower Pressure Spring Pack. You can recognize the Lower Pressure Spring Pack by the BLUE color of its Spring Follower. Be sure you don't swap out the included Lower Pressure Spring Pack with another Standard Spring Pack or your G6R will no longer function as designed. If you didn't already purchase a Gen 6 Intimidator HPR/LPR Pressure Tester, you should do so as soon as possible. We want our Bob Long owner community to be pressure conscious and able to maintain their markers properly. One of the main keys to a good shooting marker is properly setting the operating pressures. Learning about basic maintenance and baseline pressure settings is a must for a happy marker.


  • Classification: Generation 6 Intimidator
  • Configuration: Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve.
  • Barrel Thread Type: Autococker
  • Included Barrel: Bob Long 14" One-piece Tournament .685 Bore
  • Included ASA: Gen 6 Intimidator On-off
  • Intended Propellant: Compressed air or nitrogen only!
  • Intended Propulsion Speed: 230-300FPS (feet per second)
  • HPR Pressure: 190-210psi
  • LPR Pressure: 70-80psi
  • Estimated Shot Count: 2100+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
  • Motherboard: Tadao Odoshi
  • 4C Eye Compatible: Yes
  • 4C Eye Equipped: No
  • Estimated Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
  • Trigger Activation: Micro switch
  • Trigger Return: Spring assist
  • Trigger Adjustment: Travel and Activation Point
  • Weight With Barrel: 1 lb. 13.7
  • Weight Without Barrel: 1 lb. 8.9oz

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