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Bob Long Onslaught Paintball Gun - Dust Black / Gloss Blue


Your Price $1,025.00

The all new Bob Long Onslaught; where speed and efficiency meet smoothness and reliability.

The origins of the Onslaught are simple; the Insight is good, but as everybody knows good is not enough for Bob Long. So, as soon as the first insight finished milling, Bob started scheming and designing ways to make what was great into something that was epic. Bob Long took his insight platform, known for being fast, efficient, and light, and redesigned it to add those missing features. The result adds both a smooth shot and reliability, blending perfectly with what you loved about the insight to create the next evolution in Bob's already impressive gun lineup. 

At a starting price of $1025 the new Onslaught is sure to rule the field.


- Sprung back cap plunger for super smooth shots

- Redesigned Robust shut off can for reliability

- Gun and 14" Two-Piece Barrel .685

- Bob Long Gun Bag

- Stock Pillow Bolt and NEW* Pillow Bolt head

- Allen Keys

- Box

The new Bob Long Onslaught and it's engine are NOT backwards compatible with any Bob Long guns.

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