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Bob Long MVP Pump Paintball Gun - Lime


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The new Bob Long "MVP" Marq Victory Pump paintball gun is one of the highest quality pump paintball gun on the market. The pump rail has 12, yes 12, ball bearings so there is no side to side movement at all and it is the smoothest most precise pump paintball gun. The trigger also rides on ball bearings and there is an integrated auto-trigger for when you need a higher rate of fire. With the use of the patented Marq Economy Valve System you can expect to be able to shoot over a case of paintballs on a single 68ci./4500 psi tank. Bob Long also added an Anti-Blowback oring that will allow you to get the max feed rate out of a gravity feed loader and it helps to get the maximum shots per fill. The regulator is safely hidden away in the trigger frame and there is no air lines anywhere.

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