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Azodin Blitz Paintball Gun - Matte Red


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Azodin creates the hottest new Electronic paintball marker in its class. BLITZ combines the revolutionary “FEATHER Striker System” with the feature-laden “ZEN” Circuit Board to give players an unparalleled edge. The new “Feather Striker System” is 30% lighter than traditional striker design. This breakthrough reduces the mechanical recoil. This recoil reduction gives players a smoother shooting marker. The “ZEN” Circuit Board comes standard with advanced modes that comply with the regulation of major circuits. Players can take the BLITZ out of the box and hit the fields across the world and dominate the competitions.


  • Feather Striker System.
  • Low pressure inline regulator.
  • Anti-chop break beam eye system.
  • Zen circuit board with NPPL Semi, PSP Ramp, CFOA Semi, & Millenium Ramp.
  • Low rise twist lock feedneck.
  • Aluminum grip frame with dovetail and direct screw mount.
  • Light weight and low profile design.
  • Quick release delrin bolt.
  • 12" single piece barrel.
  • None-slip rubber grip panels.
  • Operates on co2 or HPA.

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by Anonymous on July 26, 2011

great gun i love it its my first gun and it is very durable. downside is that the barrel isnt to accurate. other than that it is the best gun for the price. i play speedball. =)

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by Anonymous on April 29, 2010

Great gun, right out of the box. The only blowback gun that has normal metric fittings on it. Autococker threaded, Ion feedneck threads (so if you had an ion that broke or you just want to swap the gun and you upgraded the feedneck, you can just swap them.), easily adjustable trigger, and ego/timmy ball detents, and 20 BPS easy. the only problem ive had with it was that i was shooting about 245 FPS, but if you turn everything up all the way, you will shoot at about 290 which is fine because my field has 285 max. great beginner gun, works for both Speedball, and Recball.

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