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Tippmann HPA Tanks

Tippmann has been legendary in paintball for its reliability, and toughness. As one of the oldest brands in paintball they have been around to see the sport grow.

Most players today do not realize that Tippmann actually sold one of the first Full Auto paintball guns, long before anyone even had an idea of using a computer to control a marker. Tippmann's spirit of innovation has lead them to create dozens of successful paintball markers, and thousands of accessories.

Today Tippmann is still going strong, as an industry leader and maker of some of the most customizable paintball guns on the planet. They have now come to the table with their compressed air tank series bearing their Tippmann name.

These tanks are as tough as you would expect them to be. The bottles are steel, and have a working pressure of 3000psi. The regulators are rebuildable and preset to 800 psi perfect for the RT and Full Auto kits offered by Tippmann.
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