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Ninja HPA Tanks

Ninja Paintball Tanks are proudly made in the USA and offer a high level of quality and innovation.

Ninja offers several different types of regulator to meet each individual players need:

Standard Regulator
- The least expensive of the Ninja line. Comes factory set to 800 psi. This regulator is built with their standard gauge and alloy bonnet for ease of use and long life. This regulator can be adjusted by purchasing an optional shim kit.

Ultralight Regulator - This version uses an aluminum bonnet and smaller gauge to save weight.

-  The "SLP" stands for Super Low Pressure, this regulator ships from the factory set to 300 psi and is non-adjustable. This was originally designed for the Bob Long Victory and G6R markers.

- The "SHP" stands for Super High Pressure, this regulator ships from the factory set to 1100 psi and is not adjustable. This is optimal for Tippmanns running Response triggers, Automags and other guns that draw air from the valve to power things other than the ball down the barrel.

PRO Adjustable
: This regulator ships at a pressure of 800 psi but can be easily adjusted to 450 psi, 550 psi, 700 psi, 800 psi.  This allows you to have any output pressure you need for an optimal set up.

The Ninja line of tanks has quickly become well respected in the paintball community. Their products are innovative and well designed. Their dual o-ring sealing is unique to Ninja tanks, and ensures the ability to remove and re-install the tank without concern of a leak developing at the ASA.

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