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Dye HPA Tanks

The Throttle paintball tank from Dye Precision is one of the lightest in the industry. The goal of the Throttle HPA system was to provide a simple, light weight, and durable solution for today's most competitive paintball players. This is the tank of choice for champion teams like the LA Ironmen and Tampa Bay Damage.

There is no arguing that Dye Precision is one of the most stylish companies in paintball. The Throttle tank is no different, with very cool graphics actually under the tank coating that style will last for a long time.

The Throttle compressed air tank also has a very high flow rate, meaning that it can regulate and flow enough air for the most demanding rates of fire while remaining consistent in pressure output. This is critical in a paintball when most leagues allow ramping of as fast as 15 balls per second.

The regulator on the Throttle tanks is machined from aluminum and has safety burst valves for both the bottle pressure and the output pressure of the tank.  This means the regulator is very light but also maintains industry standard safety measures.

The bottle is high gloss and is certified for use in EU and USA, please specify your country of use when ordering.

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