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Compressed Air Tanks

Compressed air tanks are also known in paintball as Nitrogen Tanks, Air Tanks and HPA. All of those terms accurately describe the type of paintball tank in this section.

These type of tanks were originally called "nitrogen tanks" with good reason. In the earlier days of paintball the compressors needed to pressurize air to 3000psi or 4500psi were uncommon. Therefore in the early days of paintball players would get bulk 100% nitrogen tanks from welding supply shops in order to fill their tanks.

As our sport has grown compressors have become very common, and nearly all places filling compressed air tanks today actually compress the air we breath in order to fill our paintball tanks. And that is where the final two names for these tanks come in, HPA means "high pressure air" and compressed air is self explanatory.

The air we breath is 70% nitrogen and therefore is for all practical uses just as stable as 100% nitrogen fills of the past. That stability is one of the reasons that compressed air tanks have become the preferred method of paintball propulsion.

As with all types of ballistics consistency means accuracy, the fact that compressed air's pressure does not fluctuate due to temperature means your paintball gun will remain much more consistent shot to shot, and all day long. This also has an impact on safety, because compressed air does not react to temperature your velocity will remain much more consistent during a day of play.

This also brings in the importance of the regulator in compressed air. All compressed air bottles have a regulator that reduces the output pressure of the tanks from 3000psi or 4500psi down to an output pressure compatible with paintball guns. Companies like Ninja and Guerrilla offer tanks with either adjustable or preset output pressure levels in order to meet manufacturers specifications on gun input pressure. If you have questions regarding what input pressure you gun needs, contact us by phone or email. 412-766-1161 or orders@punisherspb.com

Yet another major advantage of compressed air tanks for paintball is weight. Since paintball has become more popular the cost of carbon fiber wrapped tanks has dropped significantly and a super light tank is in reach of most players. In a sport that focuses on speed, reduced equipment weight can play a major factor.

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