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Co2 Tanks

CO2 is chosen most often because the tanks are inexpensive and are easily filled at any paintball store and a growing number of sporting good stores.

9oz Paintball CO2 Tank -  The 9oz CO2 paintball tank is often chosen because it is very light weight and the least expensive. A well maintained paintball gun will get roughly 450 shots per fill.

12oz Paintball CO2 Tank - The 12oz CO2 tank is a small increase in weight and price over the 9oz tank and is 33% larger in capacity. Players can expect around 650 shots from a well maintained paintball gun.

16oz Paintball CO2 Tank - The 16oz is the middle ground between size and capacity. Again 33% larger than the 12oz with an approximate weight difference when full of 1/2 pound heavier than the 12oz. A well maintained paintball gun will get about 850 shots from a 16oz CO2 tank.

20oz Paintball CO2 Tank - The 20oz paintball CO2 tank is the common choice when it comes to almost all players. If you are not sure what size to get, it is a safe bet that the 20 oz will be  a fit for your needs. The length of the tank works as a good stock for most players, and the height makes it a good fit in most remote packs. Players can expect 1000 shots per fill on a well maintained paintball gun.

24oz Paintball CO2 Tank - The 24oz tank is nearly 4lbs when full, and is designed for adult players or ones that plan to keep the tank on their back using a harness and remote coil. The 24oz CO2 tank will render approximately 1550 shots from a well maintained paintball gun. 

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